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Brompton Regis Village Shop

This is a ‘Hail & Farewell’ month.

We are delighted to welcome Jan Neves to the Shop Committee. She has been a valuable volunteer for some time, and has now accepted our offer to join the management team; she was co-opted in December. We look forward to working with her.

However, on a very sad note, we must bid farewell to Fiona Reeves who is leaving the area. She volunteered to help in the shop soon after arriving in Brompton Regis, and subsequently became a member of the Management Committee. Her reservoir of common sense, professional experience, and drive to get things done was of immense value to the shop and our community as a whole – and she was always a delight to work with. Personal tragedy leads to Fiona’s departure. Our sincere thanks and very best wishes for the future go with her.

Final message to the under 12s: entries to the sheep-counting competition close on 1st March. Details can be found in the Brompton Regis 2018 Calendar.

Phil Barnard.

A very good range of essential products. Now stocking Brompton Regis honey

  Vegetables and locally sourced eggs  

  Meat and dairy produce

including local trout terrine, bacon, sausages and beefburgers

  Newspapers and magazines  

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