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Parish Council

Parish Council Members

Sue Newton – Chairman

Tel: 01398 371234

e-mail: suedowndytch@btinternet.com


Steve Coates

Tel: 01398 371439

e-mail: stevencoates@live.co.uk

Jill Scott

Tel: 01398 371236

e-mail: ruggsfarm@yahoo.co.uk

Mrs. Sarah Buchanan - Parish Clerk

(to whom Parish Council correspondence should usually be addressed)

3 Sminhays Cottages, Brendon Hill, Watchet TA23 0LG

Tel: 01984 641706

e-mail: brpcclerk@gmail.com

Peter Page - Vice Chairman

Tel: 01398 371454

e-mail: peter.page@hotmail.co.uk

Jeremy Andrews

Tel: 01398 371483

e-mail: angela@woolcottsfarm.eclipse.co.uk


Iain Abel

Tel: 01398 371203

e-mail: abelsatno5@aol.com

Keith Turner - District Councillor

e-mail: kturner@westsomerset.gov.uk

Frances Nicholson – County Councillor

e-mail: fmnicholson@somerset.gov.uk

The following statements are available for public awareness.

Click on the following links to download and view.

Statement of Accounts 2016-17 Governance Statement 2016-17 Agendas and Agreed Minutes of Previous Parish Council Meetings Notice for the Exercise of Public Rights 2016-17 Agenda of Wednesday 7th February meeting Local Audit and Accountability Act (2014) Declaration of Status of Public Accounts 2017 BRPC Financial Standing Orders 2017 BPRC Budget Statement 2016-17 Internal Audit Report 2016-17 BRPC Standing Orders 2017 Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2016-17 Items of Expenditure Above £100  2017-18

The BRPC is registered with the Information Commissioner as a 'data controller' and the Parish Clerk is the person responsible for ensuring that the Council meets data protection regulations. The Council's data protection policy, a statement regarding freedom of information and the Council's 'publication' scheme are included in the Council's Standing Orders. For any questions on these matters please contact the Parish Clerk, Sarah Buchanan at: brpcclerk@gmail.com or 01984 641706.